Oleh Bereziuk: “Senior state officials are persecuting those who prevent them from living in their distorted reality”

According to Oleh Bereziuk, he spent the holiday time in courts: in Kharkiv, where the deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council Vladyslav Marchenko was tried, and in Lviv, where the deputy mayor of Yavoriv Andriy Harashchuk was tried.

“In these courts judgments are being passed upon the people who are really fighting corruption and developing their communities. Who are passing them? The Prosecutor General’s Office, which persecutes them and produces absolutely fake, unprofessional proceedings, which do not hold water even in our less than perfect courts,” notes Oleh Bereziuk.

The chairman of the Samopomich faction draws attention to the fact that while all this is going on the Prosecutor General’s Office and law enforcement agencies fail to prosecute those who are robbing the Ukrainian budget:

“Somehow everyone is being silent about the great victory of the last year – one and a half billion of Yanukovych’s money. By the way, has anybody confiscated from Hontarieva the 8 million dollars that she earned on this scheme? And have there been searches in the National Bank, have computers been seized? Why is the Prosecutor General’s Office covering those who are actually robbing the Ukrainian state?!”

Yet he believes that the biggest crime is that through persecuting the young people who have come to power in order to develop their own state, the highest authorities are demotivating honest youth to go to the government. “This is a crime against the Ukrainian statehood,” Oleh Bereziuk says.

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