Oleh Bereziuk: “High time to choose – civilization or despotism?!”

As noted by the head of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Oleh Bereziuk, under the cover of political manipulation and scandals, instead of moving towards the Western civilization with transparent government rules, oligarchs and their servants in the parliament are pushing Ukraine towards the eastern despotism. “It is revenge that is governing the today’s oligarchy in the country. This is how they are preparing to gain power the next time,” emphasizes the MP.

Oleh Bereziuk reckons the introduction of e-declaration for public activists as one of the examples of such revenge. He notes, “This revenge is due to the fact that public organizations have been very skillful and professional in disclosing corruption schemes of the oligarchy and showing to people how the state budget of the country is actually plundered. Obviously, the oligarchs did not like this. They decided to devalue such public organizations.”

In addition, all these dirty things are done in order to create the illusion of active work. Oleh Bereziuk stresses, “This lot of fuss about nothing is intended to divert attention from the law on national security, the law on the anti-corruption court, because these two pose a real threat to the oligarchy. The latter have no political will.”

Therefore, we must choose – either we should be moving towards the western civilization or returning to the despotism of the east. It is noteworthy that the personal choice of oligarchs is radically different from their vision of the country’s development.

“When the oligarchs choose where to get medical assistance and where to send their children to schools – they do not opt for hospitals and schools somewhere in Russia, they chose western countries instead. One must decide: either West, democracy, respect for people, a transparent budget or eastern despotism, where one can steal from the budget, but there is nowhere to teach children, while the dishonesty reigns,” Oleh Bereziuk concludes.

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