Oksana Syroyid: Dishonest authorities are elected by honest people who do not go to the polls

On October 29, in the more than 200 united territorial communities, the first elections of the heads and deputies of the new community councils will take place. On the eve of the will expression, the Vice Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid visited Shyroke and Verkhniodniprovsk united territorial communities in the Dnipropetrovsk region, as well as the Verkhivtsi united territorial community, where elections are planned for the next year.

She says that the most important thing is that people have to realize – in these elections they choose those who will dispose of their money in the future.

“The most frustrating thing that takes place during every elections (and the elections to UTC is not an exception) is when honest citizens who really care about how society will live say that they will not go to the polls, because they don’t believe that their votes matter – everything is rigged anyway. But this is exactly how people themselves let elections be rigged,” Oksana Syroyid notes. Therefore, according to her, the number one responsibility principle is that people must go to the polls, because those who do not vote also participate in electing criminal authorities.

The second very important thing is that people should not just vote, but also be ready and capable of defending their choice.

“The country still retained notorious ways of rigging elections – starting with the so-called “roundabout voting”. Active citizens should prevent such things, report violations, and call the police. Also they should become observers – come to the voting stations and defend the votes during their counting.

People should understand that they elect a head and deputies of the community – those who will dispose of their money and their land. Therefore, they should take a very responsible approach to their choice,” the Vice Speaker says.

And the last thing. This is the duty of the authorities, which tend to forget their promises. “Following the unification, the communities were supposed to obtain the lands outside the populated areas. For rural communities this is a very important resource from which they can make a profit – either at the expense of taxes, or from processing these lands. So far, these lands have not been given to them and they are lacking this resource. The law has already been considered in the first reading, it needs to be considered and adopted as soon as possible,” Oksana Syroid is convinced.

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