Oksana Syroid: Wars always end. If we call a war a war, then there inevitable will be peace afterwards

In Kyiv, within the framework of “Demarcation Line. Voice” discussion, politicians, public activists, clergy and artists talked about the war deployed by Russia in the Ukrainian lands.

Oksana Syroid, Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, one of the initiators of the event, notes that today Ukraine is on the verge of being and non-being, and is in the state of real war with the neighbor country. Therefore, we need not only to understand the threats that are confronting the state because of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, but also to look for the tools that will help resolve the conflict in the east of Ukraine.

“These cannot be Minsk agreements, because they view the Russian Federation as a peacemaker, not a party to the conflict. Under such circumstances, Ukraine will never be able to settle the problem, the Russian problem either,” said Oksana Syroid.

First of all, the Vice-Speaker believes, we must be telling the truth and calling a spade a spade, that is, we must recognize that we are in the state of war, and Russia is the occupying country.

“If we call it a war, then there inevitably will be peace, because wars always end. And if we continue to call it God knows what, then after one God knows what another one will come,” Oksana Syroid is assured.

She noted that despite the fact that our country is going through a very difficult time, Ukraine must learn to be a strong country and to use its advantages. Thus, our advantage in the war with Russia is the truth.

“Today Russia is spending huge sums of money on propaganda, and is forced to spend even more. The truth about the war is the biggest threat to the Russian Federation. At the same time, Ukrainians need to have access to this truth in order to stop being slaves,” concludes Oksana Syroid.


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