Oksana Syroyid: “Ukraine is not going to surrender its language and territory, despite the statements of the Office of the President and the National Security and Defence Council”

Deputy Speaker of parliament, Oksana Syroyid, notes that certain statements from representatives of the Office of the President of Ukraine and from the NSDC Secretary do not correspond to the position of Ukraine’s state interests.

We are talking about the statements of A. Bohdan about granting the Russian language the status of a regional language and O. Danyliuk’s statements about the readiness to fully implement the Minsk agreements.

Oksana Syroyid notes that Andriy Bohdan does not have the competence to voice such statements: “Andriy Bohdan is the head of the Office of the President. This is not within his competence. This is a political matter, while he is in charge of an administrative office.”

Secondly, the status of a regional language does not apply to the Russian language. “The Russian language in Ukraine has the status of a national minority language. Bohdan is simply referring to the notorious translation of the Charter of Regional and Minority Languages, which at one time was falsified by Kivalov and Kolesnichenko. There can be no other state languages or official languages in Ukraine, except Ukrainian. In everyday life, in any other areas of communication except public and official, any other language – including Russian – can be used in Ukraine.”

A regional language is a language that is in the minority on the territory of a particular state and which does not have the status of a state language in any other country. But since the Russian language has the status of the state one in Russia, it cannot be recognized as a regional language anywhere.

As for the readiness of Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements, voiced by NSDC Secretary O. Danuliuk, Oksana Syroyid has her answer:

“This is Oleksandr Danyliuk who is ready to fully implement the Minsk agreements, while Ukraine is not set to do so. Because the implementation of the Minsk agreements is a capitulation not even to Russia, but to these “tractor drivers” and “miners” of the so-called LNR/DNR. For us, that would actually mean to recognize ourselves defeated by all the “good” that exists there in the occupied territories. No! Ukraine will not agree to this.”

“If the President and Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council do not understand this, it is very sad, because then they are either going to be swept away by the Ukrainian people or, God forbid, if they will resort to this, then Russia itself will sweep them away,” concludes Syroyid.

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