Oksana Syroyid: “The break with Moscow must begin with the authorities”

The speech of the President in the parliament is full of his pre-election slogans, which are nothing more than words and have nothing to do with actions. This is how Oksana Syroyid treats the message of the Head of State to the Verkhovna Rada. Behind these patriotic slogans, there are lies.

“For four years, the authorities have been comfortably cooperating with Russia, despite their patriotic rhetoric. Russian agents are sitting in this room, Russian agents are in the Presidential Administration, in law enforcement agencies. They are on the list of the richest people in Ukraine, they own our media space. It’s not because Russia is so clever, it’s because there are favourable conditions for Russia in Ukraine and the former feels completely unpunished here.”

On the one hand, the government asks to consolidate the Euro and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine in the Constitution. But on the other hand, in the four years of the war, the Verkhovna Rada has not managed to denounce a whole series of treaties with Russia. The President has never once made such a request. And we are talking about the agreements on military cooperation, on the exchange of classified information, and Ukraine is still fulfilling them.

Oksana Syroyid notes: “These are the authorities and the President, in the first place, that need the changes to the Constitution in order to hide the fact that they are actually under the influence of Russia.

People do not need changes to the Constitution to confirm their aspiration to join NATO and the EU; they made this choice in 2013 during the Revolution of Dignity and when they went to war to protect their land.”

“Ukrainians are moving towards the European community in spite of the efforts of the authorities and contrary to the efforts of the President. And they will be part of the Western civilization, but with different authorities and another president.”


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