Oksana Syroyid on destruction of a market in Kyiv: The authorities have resorted to criminal methods again

Today Oksana Syroyid met with entrepreneurs of “Lisovyi” market in Kyiv, into which several hundreds of unknown people broke ovrnight into July 25 and vandalized it. At the same time small architectural forms were being dismantled with the use of special equipment. There were representatives of law enforcement agencies on the scene, who intervened and stopped the outrage after more than 50 stores were robbed, and almost 25 – physically destroyed.

The Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and the chair of the Kyiv Samopomich Party organization notes that the events in the capital’s market share similarities with the shameful phenomena that occurred in Poltava and the Kirovohrad region.

“The authorities have resorted to criminal methods again. At the same time, the law in this case is on the side of entrepreneurs. People are in despair, they are waiting for another attack. They are asking for help and saying that they do not trust the authorities in their intentions to protect people. I appeal to representatives of law enforcement agencies: the security of these people is your responsibility,” Oksana Syroyid states.


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