Oksana Syroyid: “A small “Soviet army” will never overpower the large “Soviet army”

During the ХIV Congress of the Samopomich party, the Vice Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroyid presented the party’s strategic priorities in the field of security. The main ones are the preservation of the lives and dignity of soldiers and an open defence budget.

“Totalitarian regimes never care about the life and dignity of a soldier. Ukraine inherited this attitude towards the army from the Soviet Union,” said Oksana Syroyid.

She emphasizes that despite the fact that the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian soldiers in the war with Russia has earned people’s respect for the army, unfortunately, the decision-making and the issuance of orders, communication systems, standards, functional duties in the army remain Soviet. And the most humiliating thing in this system is the classification of the information which should be public and the security budget consisting of 10 short lines, which allows stealing money in the army.

According to the Vice Speaker, the most valuable service that Ukrainians receive from the state today is protection from the enemy that surpasses in terms of finances and numerical force of the army, “This enemy can be defeated only if we care about the life and dignity of every soldier and about every hryvnia which we spend on the army.”

Therefore, in order to preserve the lives and dignity of our soldiers, we must destroy the “Soviet army” in Ukraine,” states Oksana Syroyid.

“The Supreme Commander-in-Chief must take care of the safety and security of soldiers. The Minister of Defence must take care of the rules that will make the army effective in training and fighting. The security and defence budget, just like all defence purchases, must be open and understandable to the military and the people who provide for the army. Then the soldiers will not have to live in mud at the training grounds during rotation. And then it will be possible  not only to talk about joining NATO, but to have a NATO partner army on our own territory,” the Vice Speaker concludes.

Oksana Syroid
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