Oksana Syroid: Only in totalitarian states police officers are equated to lawyers and can become judges

For more than seven years in Ukraine there had been discussions about the expedience of the specialty “Law Enforcement” to cease to be considered a jurisprudential one.

And this decision was adopted, back in 2015. However, yesterday the Cabinet adopted a corrupt and unconstitutional decision that allows the police to become judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

“As it turned out, the requirements of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, about the complete renewal of judges meant replacement of judges with police officers, in the renewed Supreme Court, in the first place,” said Vice-Speaker Oksana Syroid.

Oksana Syroid personally appealed to the minister of education, Lilia Hrynevych, and the Justice Minister, Pavlo Petrenko, about how the quality of legal education determines the level of professionalism of future judges, emphasizing that only in totalitarian states, police officers are considered to be lawyers and can become judges.

“Off the record, I had all the support and understanding. But corruption won. Once again,” said the Vice Speaker.

Therefore, Oksana Syroid appealed to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers with the requirement to cancel yesterday’s decision as the one that is corrupt and contradicts the Constitution.

Oksana Syroid
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