Oksana Syroyid: A hit on Katia Handziuk was put out by the system that has not changed since the Revolution of Dignity

“The current regime came to power due to and at the expense of the activists of Euromaidan, the Revolution of Dignity, as well as the war. What did the society expect, what did the country want? That the authorities will restore justice and let people live in peace. People did not want to live in terror, they expected that the authorities would ensure peace and protection,” said the Vice Speaker.

Oksana Syroyid stresses that it is the new system of the authorities’ terror that is responsible for the death of Kherson activist Katia Handziuk.

“There are dozens of activists persecuted today. But there are also cases of illegal takeover of lands, illegal entering of information into registries in the Ministry of Justice, persecution by the Security Service of Ukraine, the Prosecutor Generals’ Office. All of this is a terror. All of this is aimed at arousing fear. In fact, instead of destroying the terror of the previous regime, the authorities have headed a new kind of terror.”

Social activists demand from the Verkhovna Rada to finally create a provisional investigation commission on the Handziuk case. A group of deputies, which includes the representatives of Samopomich, has initiated the creation of this provisional investigation commission back in early October, but the pro-government faction members have been sabotaging every step towards the creation of the commission.

Public activist Maryna Khromyk explains why:

“Katya herself pointed out numerous times that men in uniform were involved in the attack on her. In the Verkhovna Rada, these are two political forces — Petro Poroshenko Bloc and Narodnyi Front — that control all security and law enforcement units. We appeal to them asking to create a provisional investigative commission. And these exact two factions are the ones refusing to delegate their representatives to it. It starts to look like these two factions are covering the contractors and the attack on Katia, and other attacks that have taken place over the year. We have collected such cases within a so-called Handziuk list. There are 55 attacks.”

But even if this provisional investigatory commission is created, it’s not worth hoping for its effectiveness. The Ukrainian parliament is powerless in the opposition to the authorities. Vice Speaker Syroyid says:

“If deputies are dependent on the oligarchic clans that appointed the law enforcement officials, how can the former criticize them and control them?”

Although, in the United States, for example, provisional investigatory commissions are a powerful instrument of control, which can bring to justice even the president.

“Now the largest faction in the parliament (Petro Poroshenko Bloc) is well aware that any work of any provisional investigatory commission will come to the conclusion that it is the responsibility of the Prosecutor General and the investigation. This will mean that the Prosecutor General must be dismissed. But is the President and the largest faction in the parliament ready for the resignation of the Prosecutor General, whom they themselves appointed?” concludes Oksana Syroyid.

She reminds, “We have had four Prosecutors General since the Revolution of Dignity. The first one allowed Yanukovych to run away and made money from this escape. The second one allowed the first one leave and made money from that. The third one covered the previous two and made money from that.

The fourth came and is making money from covering the previous ones. And the parliament cannot do anything with this.”

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