Officially: Notice of suspicion served to Vladyslav Marchenko, deputy chairman of the regional council

A notice of suspicion under Article 191 – the seizure of property in especially large amounts (87 million hryvnias) – was served to Vladyslav Marchenko.

The notice enlists a number of objects the cost of works for which makes up exactly 87 million hryvnias. These are multifunctional stadiums in Zaporizhia, and everyone can see that the construction works are completed.

“It’s unclear how one can “plunder” money if this is the cost of the works already done,” commented lawyer Serhiy Barbashyn. “If the money was stolen, for what means the work could be done. In addition, I want to note that all contractors were selected through the Prozzoro system.”

People’s deputies from the Samopomich faction condemn such accusations and note that there are all signs of political persecution. Samopomich team will support the head of the Zaporizhia branch during the court session on determining the measure of restraint.

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