Official statement of “Samopomich Union” on voting for the law on the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities

Today the Parliament showed its true colours. It happened during consideration of the law on the National Commission carrying out state regulation in the energy sector and public utilities.
The key goal of “Samopomich Union” during the work on this law was to renew the existing composition of the body (which has discredited itself long ago) within the next six months.
However, today the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law which does not only preserve the current composition of the National Commission for another year and a half, but also grants the President full control over appointment of its members.
People should be aware of the fact that when they receive new bills with increased tariffs, their questions should be addressed to the President; because this is he who, first of all, will form the composition of the nomination commission (which will later select the members of the regulator) and, secondly, this is he who having every authority to dismiss the Chairman of the Commission today, is not doing this. Unfortunately, they don’t let this whole situation be changed.
Especially MPs are surprised by the position of the “Fatherland” faction, which almost in a body didn’t support the rotation of the composition of the National Commission.
This means an absolute plotting of the oligarchy, when the “Fatherland” faction does not vote for the amendment on dismissal of the discredited officials meanwhile accusing the democratic forces of lobbying.
The best proof of the absurdity of this accuse are the results of the voting, when the “Fatherland” together with a large number of members of the coalition factions and the “Opposition bloc” votes against Ukrainian consumers.
This raises the question, “Who is first one to cry stop thief?”

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