Official position of “Samopomich” regarding the law on zero declaration

This week it was reported about the initiative of the Presidential Administration to adopt a special law on zero declaration.
“Samopomich Union” faction is convinced that this is an attempt to relieve all Ukrainian officials (judges, prosecutors, deputies and others) from criminal liability for illicit enrichment.
We shall recall that by 31 October 2016, according to the legislation on fight against corruption, all officials are obliged to declare their income and for the first time in their lives to explain the sources of their origin.
Our poor (read rich) kleptocrats are going to face that terrible moment when they will be obliged to show the loot to the public.
Detectives of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, who are authorized to investigate the crimes of illicit enrichment, are already looking forward to corrupt officials’ submitting their declarations.
Indicative is the fact that the proposed concept of zero declaration provides for a way to legalize the illegally obtained property from October 1, 2016! In fact, it will give the opportunity to corruptionists to legalize the stolen property and avoid criminal liability during the month.
The proposed concept of zero declaration is contrary to the agreements with the IMF on Ukraine’s non-implementation of the laws providing for tax amnesty.
We are convinced that the law on zero declaration shouldn’t be adopted under any circumstances by the deadline of officials’ submission of electronic declarations.
“Samopomich Union” faction

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