Official position of “Samopomich Union” regarding the situation with “Ukrtransgaz”

“Samopomich Union” states that the decision of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade on resubordination of Ukrtransgaz is unacceptable. The Government’s actions create a risk of loss of up to 5 billion dollars in the Stockholm arbitration in favor of “Gazprom” and lead to the breakdown of commitments to the international donors.
By this decision the Ministry has actually taken over the “Ukrtransgaz” company. In particular, the Ministry of Economy will decide on the election of the chairmen and members of the Supervisory Board, as well as the management of “Ukrtransgaz”, their dismissal or removal from office.
“Samopomich Union” faction condemns this decision and requires its cancellation. Deputies say that these changes are contrary to the previous plan of the Cabinet, which by the way has been agreed with Western partners. Moreover, this decision was made behind the scenes without any open discussions, which is unacceptable.
The current situation with “Ukrtransgaz” threatens national interests of the country and can cause serious financial and reputational losses.
Accordingly, the “Samopomich Union” faction notes the need to cancel this decision which plays into the hands of the aggressor country, “Gazprom”, but not into the hands of Ukraine. In addition, it demands a mandatory functional audit on the adoption of this decision and bringing the perpetrators to justice!

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