“Odesa – just like the rest 80% of cities in Ukraine – is in the hands of criminals” – Sadovyi

Samopomich proposes to release Ukrainian cities from the influence of criminal groups. Representatives of the party have a successful experience in fighting criminals in the cities where they work in opposition. And in those cities where Samopomich is in power, there is success and development.

The leader of Samopomich, the first number of the party’s election list, Andriy Sadovyi, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“Yesterday, the court rejected a number of pieces of evidence in the case of the mayor of Odesa Trukhanov. Among them, there was one of the most important pieces of evidence – the expertise, which indicates that the city bought the building of the “Krayan” factory at an inflated price. Today, Trukhanov’s acquittal was announced. Odesa, just like the rest 80% of cities in Ukraine, is in the hands of criminals,” wrote Sadovyi.

And he added that most people in Samopomich have the experience of local self-government. They have experience of fighting the “Trukhanovs” in Odesa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Kherson, and many other cities and towns.

Therefore, the development of cities and communities is one of the main priorities of Samopomich’s program. In particular, the party proposes to ensure that united communities have real rights and resources, to keep 50% of the taxes collected at the local level in the communities, and to ensure equal access to the tax on personal income.

“We will stimulate the creation of urban agglomerations in order to use the power of large cities for the development of regions and will return local self-government to Kyiv by adopting a new law on the capital,” says the leader of Samopomich.

The full program of the party can be found at https://bit.ly/2RQpqAP

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