“We are awaiting the latest data that will be decisive for further actions” – Sadovyi on the possibility of unification

“When deciding to run in the elections, I was well aware of the desire of Ukrainians to have a single candidate who would be able to defeat all these henchmen of oligarchs and marauders in power.”

The candidate for the presidency of Ukraine, Andriy Sadovyi, commented so on the possibility of uniting with other democratic participants in the election race.

According to Sadovyi, a single candidate from the democratic, anti-corruption forces has every chance of winning the presidential election.

Therefore, according to the politician, during the campaign his headquarters has been closely monitoring the results of “reliable opinion polls and trends”:

“We are waiting for the latest data, which will be decisive for further actions. We will be paying attention to the following indicators – the rating, the dynamics and level of trust in society.”

“Journalistic investigations show us only the tip of the corrupt iceberg. The reality is much worse and it is high time we changed it,” believes the presidential candidate.


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