Regional gas distribution companies are blackmailing condominiums

Today, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, I spoke about the blackmail of condominiums on the part of regional gas companies.

Hundreds of letters from condominiums are coming to Kyiv from all regions of Ukraine. These letters are about the threats from regional gas companies to turn off the gas supply. There is only one reason for the shutoff of gas supply – to exercise pressure on people to make them conclude indentured agreements on the maintenance of domestic gas pipelines.

Some gas companies have already resorted to gas shutoffs. In May of this year, I had to intervene personally in order to restore gas supply to dozens of families in the city of Hadiach in Poltava region.

Gas companies are forcing people to pay an additional monthly fee – for some, it is 30 hryvnias, while for others – 300.

But are the monopolists really going to provide any maintenance services? When was the last time you saw gas workers checking pipelines in your apartment block?

The whole problem is in the regulatory framework, which NCSREU and the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry cannot put in order. A clear list of works to be carried out with regard to domestic gas pipelines has not yet been determined.

I demand from the government to give a clear and unambiguous order to put an end to threatening condominiums with gas shutoffs.

The authorities must issue clear regulatory documents that will impose full responsibility for the technical operation of gas networks on regional gas companies. Consumers are already paying to these companies for gas distribution. There should be no additional payments.

The residents of tens of thousands of apartment buildings supplied with gas will not understand or accept the other option.

We will not let gas blackmail be there!

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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