“The current wave of raiding is only possible due to the support of state officials” – Sydorovych

In Ukraine, illegal seizures of enterprises with the participation of representatives of law enforcement bodies covered by politicians occur on a regular basis nowadays.

Samopomich MP Ruslan Sydorovych accentuates, “The worst thing in today’s wave of raiding is that if earlier these were criminals engaged in it, today, these are high-ranking officials that are involved. Such coverage of criminals that exists todayрas never been observed before. The investigation of cases is blocked, the evidence is destroyed, the property is taken away. The police and the prosecutor’s office are practically inactive.”

According to the politician, the scheme of the crime is almost always identical – through entering of false information into the State Register. The MP explains, “Property is registered to either a deceased person or a dummy. There have even been cases when businesses were registered to non-existent persons, who then re-sold these enterprises.”

We learn about yet another such case from the information of “Business Varta” public organization. Its head Olha Matviiva says that as a result of introducing changes to the State Register, for one day, a car washer became the director of an enterprise, which costs millions of dollars. During this day he sold a whole plant to a non-resident company registered in offshores. It is noteworthy that after the one-day “owner” of the enterprise gave testimony to the law enforcement system the fact of his death was established.

Thus, notes Ruslan Sydorovych, in order to stop this wave of banditry, Samopomich demands:

  1. From the law enforcement system – to bring the perpetrators to justice in the framework of the already launched criminal proceedings.
  2. From the Ministry of Justice – to put an end to raiding in the state registration bodies, to bring to justice the employees guilty of raidership.
  3. From the police and prosecutors – to bring to disciplinary responsibility and dismiss all law enforcement officers who have been idle in these cases. While those who took an active part in facilitating the seizure of enterprises should be prosecuted.

Without this, the situation that has developed will continue destroying the Ukrainian state. “A prosperous economy is impossible without a flourishing business, since it is business that provides the state with taxes, with the help of which the state then fulfills its social obligations,” concludes Ruslan Sydorovych

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