“The new President must understand: unity and sustainable economic and social development are the foundation of the state” – Semenukha

This was stated by MP Ruslan Semenukha when commenting on the results of the presidential runoff voting in Ukraine.

“In 2014, being under the threat of a real war and trying to change the system, Ukrainians elected Petro Poroshenko in the first round,” noted Semenukha. “Unfortunately, his term in office brought about a tremendous disappointment because many people have not felt any changes. Therefore, Zelensky’s result is primarily the result of the activities of Petro Poroshenko, who instead of consolidating the nation in the face of new challenges, divided it even during this election campaign.”

“The fact that Ukrainians have learned how to recall presidents not only through Maidan, but also through the elections is great progress,” added Roman Semenukha. “However, the next step is harder – to learn how to control these presidents, to demand their adhering to the chosen course, the joint development of institutions. Therefore, we are going to enter a period of turbulence, the realisation of a harsh reality, which, to a greater or smaller degree, will be different from the expectations and illusions for which the majority of Ukrainians voted.”

The lawmaker notes that the Head of State is going to face most difficult challenges: the issues of security, economy, social policies, such as the return of huge foreign debts or labour migration.

“The new reality does not mean the disappearance of problems,” added Semenukha. “Therefore, the newly elected President should immediately announce the names of candidates for the key positions – the post of Prosecutor General, the head of the SBU, and so on.

In addition, I believe that the Head of State should make visits to the Zakarpattia region, for example, where the lowest turnout in elections was registered and which is actually disintegrated from the socio-political processes in the state, and to Halychyna, where he got the smallest support. We cannot let our past mistakes repeat – when Yushchenko could not go to Donetsk, while Yanukovych was not really welcomed in Lviv.

The new President must understand – the unity and sustainable economic and social development of the state are the priorities.”

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