New National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities means steady superprofits for Akhmetov’s DTEK at our expense

New NCSREU – Old Rotterdam+ = stable superprofits for Akhmetov’s DTEK at our expense

Committee hearings on the results of the first 100 days of the work of the energy regulator – the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities – are being held in the parliament.

The general conclusion of the parliamentarians: the Commission is still very far from fulfilling the hopes that we placed on it two years ago when fighting for the adoption of the Law on the Regulator.

The main claim of virtually all the speakers is the discriminatory approach to tariff formation in the electricity generation market.

It’s just a pure crime, when instead of supporting nuclear generation, which provides Ukraine with more than half of all electricity, NCSREU gives preferences to thermal generation, 80% of which belongs exclusively to Rinat Akhmetov’s DTEK!

For me, such an unfair position of NCSREU is completely unacceptable. The tariffs of SE “Energoatom” are significantly underestimated – this means scanty salaries of qualified personnel of nuclear power plants, underfunded purchases of nuclear fuel, unrepaired equipment at the nuclear power plants of the fourth class of security, and much more that MUST be provided for through proper financing. Each of the NCSREU members is responsible for this discriminatory approach, because for months they have not been able (or rather did not want) to make the necessary decisions.

In the meantime, Akhmetov’s TPPs receive an annual unjust bonus from the “Rotterdam+” scheme in the amount of at least 12 billion hryvnias. After all, the current composition of the Regulator firmly defends the positions of the previous composition headed by Dmytro Vovk – Ukrainian coal burnt by Akhmetov in his TPPs must be paid for by the consumers at the price of the coal imported from the ports of Rotterdam, even though such coal has never been delivered to Ukraine.

Even more alarming is the fact that when supporting the feasibility of the “Rotterdam+” scheme, the new supposedly independent Regulator is referring to the study of the European coal association, the only Ukrainian member of which is actually “DTEK” itself.

Given all this, it seems strange and suspicious when in his interview the NCSREU chairman says, “I hope that low tariffs of “Energoatom” will stimulate all other generating companies to reduce tariffs, and not vice versa. Of course, unless we regulate prices, “Energoatom” will increase its tariff. Because they always want more…” Such an approach falls short of an economically sound approach of the head of an independent regulator.

I suggested the NCSREU familiarizing themselves with the content of our bill No. 8626 on the cancellation of Rotterdam+. If the Regulator lacks grounds for reviewing previously adopted criminal decisions, the relevant committee of the parliament will always come to the rescue.

I thank my colleagues for the active and unanimous support of the position on the unacceptability of Rotterdam+ and the need to establish fair tariffs for “Energoatom”.

I am convinced that the members of the NCSREU have understood that their suspicious passivity in this criminal scheme is unacceptable for the society. I still hope for a quick and unequivocal reaction of the Regulator to today’s Hearings.

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