103 emergency phone number should be replaced with the government’s hotline number!

We are tired of fakes! Tired of empty discussions!

Instead of implementing the Law of Ukraine “On Emergency Medical Care”, they offer us to discuss yet another Concept of EMS reform?! This is unacceptable!

It took two years to draw the attention of the Prime Minister and the government to the problems of emergency medical service.

Finally, it happened. And what we have now?

The changes that are proposed can make things worse for the people who are still working in the service and are fulfilling their professional medical duty. Officials are mocking doctors by appointing some kind of “supervisors” following a decision of the Ministry of Health.

I support the idea of staff development, but not in such a way. Who are these supervisors who are going to assess the work of medical brigades? What is their professional level? On the basis of what will they make conclusions about the work of doctors, medical assistants?

And what will follow after these “audits”? The supervisors will say that EMS brigades work with violations, make mistakes, so their salaries should not be raised???

So maybe this is the goal? If the true goal is to find the reason not to increase funding, then this should not be done in such a way, because this will only result in an even larger amount of people quitting their jobs. Then, we will definitely have to replace the 103 emergency phone number with the hotline number of the government!

The concept of the so-called “reform” of emergency medical service, which was presented by the Ministry of Health for public discussion in June, does not envisage any improvements. And what kind of Concept can we be talking about, if there is an adopted law “On emergency medical care,” which simply needs to be implemented?!!

We are tired of fakes and endless discussions, it is high time we started real work!

Statistics on the causes of death in Ukraine says that thousands of people could be saved every year if the emergency medical system were properly organized!

Now even the basic things are not being fulfilled, there is no funding at the level of the state budget, there are not enough funds in the regions!

Seems like the emergency medical care is totally overlooked by the Ministry of Health!

Therefore, without proper state funding for the emergency medical system, all these discussions, numerous concepts have no value whatsoever! The medical workers who are still in the EMF teams should be our priority. They must receive decent salaries, instead of the meagre 3,700 hryvnias they are having now.

Next Wednesday, on July 11, at 14.30, I will organize a meeting of the subcommittee on the control of the implementation of the medical reform.

I invite you all to participate!

It is high time to stop this mockery and demand from the government to implement the law!

Iryna Sysoienko
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