National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities and the Ministry of Energy and Coal are playing fast and loose with Energoatom

First, NCSREU begins the game “Destroy Energoatom”. The regulator has not yet approved the tariff, but the already announced figure is 57 kopiykas per kWh, which is 37% less as compared to the calculations of Energoatom. That is, Energoatom will fall short of a third of the funds that could be used for repairs. And this is a significant blow to the industry, which can lead to devastating consequences.

Next, the Ministry of Energy and Coal makes its move. The Ministry wants to force Energoatom to produce additional 700 million kWh in the next year, for which, of course, no one will provide additional expenses. That is, due to the Ministry’s actions, the enterprise can have its tariff reduced even more.

What will be the results of such an approach by the Ministry?

It seems that someone has forgotten that the nuclear industry is not a toy. Such a policy will result in a breakdown in the schedule of planned repairs of nuclear power plants and will create additional risks for complex plant equipment. The probability of power units’ downtime – thus the imbalance of the energy system and the economic losses of the Energoatom – is growing.

In the hands of non-professionals, everything can crumble like a house of cards.

While supporting Energoatom, I am urging NCSREU and the Ministry of Energy and Coal to carefully consider the issue of approving the Energoatom tariff and not to worsen the already difficult financial situation of the state enterprise.

P.S. I am largely concerned with the level of professionalism of the Ministry of Energy and Coal in connection with the situation that has arisen. The adoption of the forecast balance of electricity requires the most balanced approach and coordination of all types of generation. Perhaps, the Minister should make conclusions regarding the professional level of the persons involved in preparing the document that went to the NCSREU yesterday?

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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