“Independent” regulator sets European tariffs in the country, while 50% of Ukraine’s population is below the poverty line” – Aliona Babak

As noted by Samopomich MP Aliona Babak, during the report of the chairman of the National Commission on State Regulation in Energy and Utilities in the parliament, the country has witnessed shameful phenomena.
“The largest faction in the parliament today has manifested that an “independent regulator” is dependent, that its decisions can become subject to political pressure, rather than lawsuits in accordance with the law.
The second shameful phenomenon is that this regulator does not understand its functions at all. It calls populism what is called solvency and economic accessibility in the economy. They are telling us about the market prices in Europe at a time when 50% of Ukraine’s population is on subsidies. These are people who are beyond the poverty line as defined by all international standards,” Aliona Babak states.

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