Unknown attacked the activist of Samopomich, chief clerk of the Pustomyty town council’s executive committee

On Tuesday, around midnight, the man was hit on the head with a wooden or metal object in his yard. He has just been transferred from the intensive care unit with a concussion to the surgical department. Andriy Lukiv connects the attack with his political activities, since he is one of the founders of the Samopomich organization in Pustomyty. On October 29, elections will take place in the three territorial communities of the Pustomyty district, and Samopomich is taking an active part in the elections.

The chair of the Lviv regional organization Paraskoviya Dvorianyn states: “Elections in the United Territorial Communities in Pustomyty district (as well as in Slavske and Rudky of Sambir district) will not be easy. The candidates running for Samopomich are already being intimidated; the regional authorities are buying voters with new roads, garbage trucks, district administrations, and are not concealing their intentions to falsify results through bribed TECs, stuffing, turning off the lights, through special ballot stations. They will stop at nothing! The co-founder of the regional Samopomich organization was brutally and cynically beaten because of his principled and adamant position, because of his active work during the election campaign. Andriy Lukiv and a powerful team of Samopomich in Pustomyty – just like in all other districts and regions of Ukraine – cannot be broken or intimidate. ”

Andriy Lukiv has been in the hospital for three days already. On Tuesday, around midnight, the man was hit on the head with a wooden or metal object. It happened near the gate of his house. He went out because he heard a knock on the fence. “I heard the sound and went out into the yard. I saw a man, but never talked to him. As soon as I approached him I was hit on the head by someone else, as far as I understand. I only saw the person to whom I was approaching from the back,” said Andriy Lukiv.

As a result of the attack, the man was diagnosed with a craniocerebral injury, a concussion, and was taken to the resuscitation department. Now he has already been transferred to the surgical department. Andriy still cannot get out of bed. The police opened a criminal proceeding under the article of deliberate infliction of bodily harm.