“It’s unacceptable to reinstate people who were part of the criminal regime,” Drik

Tomorrow the Constitutional Court of Ukraine will make another attempt to repeal the lustration law. According to the anti-corruption activist, the 3rd number on the list of Samopomich for the parliamentary elections, Oleksandra Drik, this might be the only law adopted after Maidan, which gave a real result:

“It forbade certain people to hold positions in the executive branch. According to our calculations, these are about 5,000 people who held senior positions during the times of Yanukovych. 5 years after Maidan, having had 13,000 people killed in the war, it’s unacceptable to reinstate people who were part of the criminal regime that shot the protesters and brought the war to Ukraine.”

Drik also notes that the Constitutional Court of Ukraine has been trying to cancel the lustration law for the last 4 years:

“They have been trying to cancel lustration since 2014, and all this time civil society has been defending it. But all this is a consequence of Poroshenko’s judicial reform which did not take place. First, he kept the judges who helped Yanukovych usurp power in the Constitutional Court. Then he had the opportunity to open a competition for the posts of the Constitutional Court judges, but he did not do that. The sabotage of the reforms and the preservation of the absolute impunity of those who were part of the atrocities of the Yanukovych regime, those who have been covering the law enforcement and judicial bodies. The revenge we see is the result of 5 years of Poroshenko’s presidency. And if tomorrow lustration is cancelled, there will be no obstacles to the restoration of Yanukovych’s officials in office.”

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