“It is necessary to extend the grace period for the autonomization of health care institutions” – Iryna Sysoyenko

As it is known, back in 2017, the parliament adopted a law on the reorganization of state and municipal medical institutions. According to this law, the financing of healthcare institutions should be in accordance with the medical reform, which envisages a transition from allocating money on the basis of the number of beds in a hospital to the financing on the basis of medical services provided to patients.

Prior to this, the use of budget funds had been strictly regulated by cost sheets. Even in the event of an emergency, healthcare facilities could not redistribute funds from one budget item to another.

“This year, the first link of medical care has reorganized into municipal non-commercial enterprises. And the benefits are significant. For example:

– the head of a healthcare facility has a much greater freedom in disposing of assets and finances, in the formation of personnel policy, in defining the internal organizational structure of the institution;

– financing of an enterprise is carried out on the basis of the enterprise’s own financial plan, which allows an efficient use of funds;

– medical institutions have the right to unite with other institutions in order to redistribute functions between them and to generally optimize the use of material, human, and financial resources;

– medical institutions can now hire doctors who are individual entrepreneurs under contracts for work and labour.

Deputy Chairperson of the Healthcare Committee Iryna Sysoyenko has proposed a draft law that will continue the simplified procedure for the reorganization of state healthcare institutions into municipal non-profit enterprises. The relevant committee supported such an initiative of the MP.

“I suggested extending the grace period for another year, until December 31, 2019. If the government does not manage to implement the adopted laws on time, then at least MPs should take steps to create the conditions for effective and affordable medical care for all citizens and to promote the development of medical institutions of state and municipal ownership. I am grateful to my colleagues for supporting the bill in the committee!”

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