“There is no sense in adopting good laws if they are discredited because of their wrong implementation” – Lev Pidlisetskyi

At first the chairman of National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities accounted the increase in the prices for the population for the coalition agreement, then for the Rotterdam+ and the occupation of Donbas. Now he is accounting the increased connection cost for an alleged support from the members of the working meetings in the fuel and energy complex committee. As the head of all these meetings I declare with authority that this is a lie and pure manipulation. We have discussed these issues and the calculation formula, but using this formula is absolutely shameful and criminal.

Reduction factors have not been applied, revaluation of assets has been carried out, cost parameters have been irrationally averaged in some power companies. By the way, during the discussions in the working group, representatives of the Commission mentioned that the expected value of connecting 1 kW would vary within 3,500 UAH. Even this figure seemed to be overpriced for us; therefore, we have developed mechanisms to decrease it.

Such manipulation of Mr. Vovk confirms the rightness of my decision. I refuse to prepare and submit the draft law on the electricity market for the second reading, unless all the members of the regulator together with their chairman Mr. Vovk are replaced.

There is no sense in adopting good laws if they are discredited because of their wrong implementation.

Lev Pidlisetskyj
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