Oksana Syroid: There is no “Aleppo crisis” or “Ukrainian crisis”; there is a crisis of flirtation with Moscow

As noted by Vice Speaker Oksana Syroid, in today’s world there is no system of collective security. Therefore, France’s convening of the UN Security Council meeting “to resolve the crisis in Aleppo” looks like a division of spheres of influence in the ravaged and tortured land.

“Since August 2008 – the Georgian “crisis” – there is no collective security system in the world any more. None of the current international institutions or world leaders has the authority to moralize or talk about “international standards” any more. They are all associates of evil, because they have kept silence for 8 years. And Aleppo, as well as Ukraine are the consequences of impunity,” says Oksana Syroid.

The Vice Speaker adds that a new secure order will not appear unless we finally have the leaders who will say – there is no “Aleppo crisis ” or “Ukrainian crisis” – there is a crisis of turning a blind eye to Moscow’s actions, of flirtation with Moscow and of the fear of Moscow.

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