“The garbage blockade of Lviv began to crack not a year ago, but only now” Andriy Sadovyi at the city assembly in Lviv

More than five thousand Lviv citizens came today to the Rynok Square in Lviv to participate in the city assembly. As noted by Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, the people gathered to feel each other’s support.

“This is a very spontaneous meeting – an open conversation with people. And we have seen different positions, different moods. Lviv has always been a democratic city, so I would like us to restore this tradition of the city assembly – to get together and communicate. If we are alone, they will simply destroy us,” says Andriy Sadovyi.

During his speech Mayor Andriy Sadovyi once again thanked his colleagues – Oleh Bereziuk, Oksana Syroid, and Taras Pastukh – because due to their position a meeting of the Emergency Situations Commission took place for the first time in a year, and it was decided to open landfills so that waste could be taken away from Lviv.

“We are a peaceful, Ukrainian city, which for many years has been an example for the entire state. I have the honor to work as a city head since 2006. This is the greatest honor for a person who was born in Lviv. When I started my work, we had a lot of problems: water, roads, heat, and many others. Thanks to you all, thanks to the city’s community, we were able to resolve these issues and we continue to strive to show a positive example.

However, more than a year ago a great tragedy happened. As a result of arson, people were killed at our landfill, and the landfill was closed down. During the year the city has been in a garbage blockade. It is very difficult to imagine something like this in a normal world, in a normal country, when all the landfills in our state are closed and refuse take waste from Lviv. We expected fraternal assistance from those people who work in the state bodies of power. To our great regret, we did not receive it.

Today in one part of the city there is a very difficult situation. And I do not know what could have happened unless my friends and colleagues Oleh Bereziuk, Oksana Syroyid, and Taras Pastukh came to the President’s Administration and launched their strike. Only following their strike a decision to open landfills and accept waste from Lviv was made for the first time in a year.

The garbage blockade of Lviv began to crack not a year ago, but only now. The next step was the appeal of the patriarchs. Christians, Jews, Protestants, Muslims – all appealed to the President and the Prime Minister to end the blockade.

We have broken through this wall and I believe that we will keep on going further as a successful city,” said the Mayor of Lviv, the leader of the Samopomich Union faction Andriy Sadovyi.

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