“Do not sell our future” – a youth of Samopomich held a campaign outside the Verkhovna Rada

On September 20, outside the building of the Verkhovna Rada, the youth wing of Samopomich Union held a campaign called “Bribe will choose instead of you”. Young people from all over the country came together to oppose to the bribery of voters and to support the observance of democratic procedures during the elections.

One of the participants of the action noted, “First, some people sell their future for a bribe, and then others have to give the most valuable thing – their lives – in order to correct this mistake. Let’s choose life together. Let us all be responsible for our own lives, our own families, our own future. Honest, incorruptible elections mean democracy and people’s freedom.”

Moreover, the activists say that if young people ignore the elections, in the end, somebody else will make their choice for them. “And then people go abroad saying that no one listens to them and represents their interests in this country. Perhaps, now is the time to fighting for themselves and for changes in the country?” accentuates a participant of the action.

An eight-year-old Daniel also addressed the adults. He said, “In our gymnasium, we are taught to be honest, not to offend girls, to help the weak, to protect nature and to respect parents. Why haven’t you learned these rules yet? Now I have to ask you – do not sell our future.”

MP Olena Sotnyk from the Samopomich faction concluded, “I really hope that people’s deputies have heard us and that they will not sell and buy these elections. And we, the citizens, will choose a better future for our better Ukraine.”

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