“National Agency for Prevention of Corruption has failed the verification of electronic declarations. We need to launch the process all over again” – Sadovyi

“Today’s NAPC team needs to be completely renewed. They had one main task – to verify all electronic declarations for compliance with incomes and estates. They have completely failed to do it. People were indignant first and then it all fell into place. We need a complete re-launch,” said presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi during a meeting with representatives of anti-corruption public organizations.

Andriy Sadovyi supported the proposals of the Anti-Corruption Agenda together with about 25 public organizations.

We shall recall that earlier they called on presidential candidates to publicly present their proposals regarding overcoming the key problems of the state anti-corruption policy.

Sadovyi has also voiced a number of other initiatives. In particular, “a regular external audit of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which is already provided for in the law for the Anti-Corruption Bureau, as well as depriving the Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the functions of conducting audits of businesses.

It should be financial police taking care of business. The security service of Ukraine must fight the enemies of the state instead of pursuing IT companies and other honest businesses.”

Andriy Sadovyi also said that if elected as the president, he will appoint Robert Storch, a representative of the US Department of Justice, who has extensive experience in helping the anti-corruption authorities of Ukraine, as the auditor of the Special Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office.

“If following the results of the audit, the work of the Anticorruption Prosecutor is declared unsatisfactory, the later will have to resign,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

The candidate also explained how he would work in relation to the National Anticorruption Bureau, “There can be no interference with the work of NABU on my part as President. I find it unacceptable to either call or schedule late-night meetings with the director of the Anticorruption Bureau. If he himself needs the help of the President, I will always help him of course.”

We shall recall that the other day public organizations announced an anti-corruption agenda for presidential candidates. They called on presidential candidates to publicly present their proposals regarding overcoming the key problems of the state anti-corruption policy:

– Complete loss of public confidence in the leadership of the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office.

– The inability of the management of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption to ensure the performance of the functions of the institution.

– Constant attacks by the political elite on the National Anticorruption Bureau.

– Conversion of a part of the Security Service of Ukraine into an instrument and promoter of corruption.

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