Oleh Bereziuk: The following 9 months are the moment of truth for the state

The following months will become the moment of truth for the Ukrainian state.

Samopomich faction MP Oleh Bereziuk states, “Ukraine will have to confront not only the external aggression, but also the attempts to destabilize the political situation within the country by means of holding early parliamentary elections.

Commenting on the external threats, Oleh Bereziuk said, “Today, the Russian Empire is in a hurry because it has nine months to occupy the Ukrainian state, and there is no one to stop it. Why? The American executive power is weak, they have elections and nobody knows what is going to happen. In France in the next year there will be presidential election, election to the National Assembly and the Senate. There will be election in Germany as well. They have other problems. Some French diplomats state they do not believe in the existence of the Ukrainian state, so they do not understand why they have to spoil their relations with Moscow.”

In this situation, only the power of the Ukrainian state can resist the aggressor, however internal threats are extremely huge. Hatred, frustration, confusion and aggression of Ukrainians who have seen the published declarations of officials and politicians can be used by real enemies and criminals, who are interested in the destruction of Ukraine. This is the moment when the Anti-Corruption Bureau is of great importance.

“What should we do? Save the institutional state. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau should become the body that investigates why the officials who for the past twenty years have worked in the public service exclusively turned to own billions,” stresses the MP.

Oleh Bereziuk believes that in this difficult situation the Parliament needs to focus on adoption of the budget that will give people at least some hope. Firstly, we are talking about raising the minimum wage, which must be carried out transparently. Secondly, it is important to cancel the 15% pension taxation. Thirdly, in the field of agriculture it is necessary to return the special regime of taxation, which will let villages develop.

Summing up, Oleh Bereziuk reminds about the problems of cities that are not solved by the current version of the budget-2017. “We have calculated that charging local budgets with utility costs eats up more than 50% of the budgets of cities. This means robbing the budget autonomy which is now becoming the basis of people’s trust in the authorities,” said the MP.

Oleh Berezyuk
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