An offensive on corruption: Samopomich presented its plan

Samopomich Union offers five steps to eradicate corruption from state and public institutions.

The anti-corruption doctrine of the political force and its leader Andriy Sadovyi was presented at the Future Talks forum in Zhytomyr by MP Yehor Soboliev.

Step 1. Imprisonment of all corrupt politicians, security officials, and judges by appointing a principled prosecutor general and creating a real anti-corruption court;

Step 2. Return of 25% of the money confiscated from the corrupt officials to the personal accounts of citizens;

Step 3. Elimination of controlling state inspections. Transfer of these functions to business or local government;

Step 4. All public services in your phone – maximum implementation of e-government and simplification of receiving services from public authorities;

Step 5. The return of all natural monopolies to the ownership of the society and local communities.

During the meeting, the leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, has noted that it is necessary to throw the fraudsters out of their high offices in order to let honest people come to power:

“Every day we hear that there is a fight against corruption in the country. But who of those who have been robbing the country and its people for years is now in prison? The total corruption of power is a matter of national security today. Such authorities cannot lead us to victory in the war for independence.”

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