“Our generation has got a historic chance to build a strong Ukraine,” says the resolution of the Samopomich congress

Today, the congress of the Samopomich Union party, which gathered about 750 delegates from all regions of Ukraine, was held in Kyiv.

During the congress, the issues of state security and defence, anti-corruption policy, economic and social freedoms, energy security, education, culture, health, land reform, housing and communal services, development of strong communities, and the digital strategy of development of Ukraine were discussed; the strategic directions of the party’s activities for the development of Ukraine were approved. Regional branches of Samopomich were instructed to conduct deep and professional discussions of the strategic directions for reforming the country in professional environments and to present their own conclusions and proposals to the central bodies of the party.

We shall recall that during the congress the leader of the Samopomich party, Andriy Sadovyi announced that the party would participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections. He noted that the greatest challenge of the political party was to drag the poorest country in Europe out of deep decline and degradation. “The goal of Samopomich is to build a successful and just state. We must return the stolen country to people,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

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