Our task is to help the Ukrainians who work on the land to become real masters of their land, – says Andriy Sadovyi

Approximately 13 million Ukrainians live in the village. They work hard on their land. They provide for themselves, their families, society, finally, the whole country. After all, agriculture makes up 10% of Ukraine’s GDP. By the way, Ukraine ranks third in Europe in terms of this indicator. And every second dollar earned on export is the money of the AIC. Moreover, the industry grows annually by 7-11%, that is, agriculture does feed Ukraine in all the senses of the word. It is keeping the economy afloat. But the state is no hurry to thank the industry at all.

Back in 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers declared that the volume of state support for agricultural producers should be about 5.5 billion UAH in 2017 and more than 6 billion UAH in 2018. Unfortunately, life shows that even these insufficient funds can be spent in such a way that nothing will go to farmers.

What will be the best present for all agricultural workers? Great respect from the state, which is transformed into real support and assistance. The current government cannot do this. Therefore, I would like to present 5 strategic steps for the development of the agro-industrial complex from my team:

  1. Fair grants from the government. To change the strategy of supporting agricultural farms, to create clear, precise conditions for all market participants. But above all – to take care of small and medium enterprises. No one can deny the fact that developed small and medium business results in a wealthy and prosperous state. When a country has a large number of real owners, protected by law and the state, then the country has a future.

A separate program for the development and support of family farmers. They provide us with such fashionable and necessary directions as organic production, the production of berries and fruit, dairy mini-farms, greenhouses.

  1. Our own production of agricultural machinery. We have incredible agricultural potential, natural resources and hardworking experienced people. We need hundreds of thousands of units of equipment and we are importing them. We should be producing agricultural machinery on our own. And this, by the way, means additional jobs.
  2. Affordable domestic fertilizers. Either the state provides cheap gas for their production, or we will control or even eliminate the monopolist. This is the only way.
  3. Efficient logistics. Today, the state of logistics in Ukraine is totally insane. This is especially true about the railway transport. It is necessary to build new workshops for the production and repair of locomotives and wagons and to update the rolling stock of the railway. Also, it is necessary to allow private railway transport to enter the market. Another goal is the restoration of river transport for the sake of unloading roads from freight traffic.
  4. Restoration and development of land irrigation in the south of Ukraine. It is necessary to restore the stolen irrigation systems and restore the canals, modernize them. Farmers should be provided with the opportunities to buy equipment on lease and to increase production in difficult environmental conditions.

Our global task is to help the Ukrainians who work on the land to become real owners and masters. To give them the opportunity to develop their own business in their own land. Ultimately, to let Ukrainian farmers become the buyers of land.

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