“Our goal is to get rid of social slavery in order to gain economic freedom” – Roman Semenukha

Over the years of independence, the social policy in Ukraine has not abandoned the Soviet paradigm. What we have today is the imitation of social protection, which does not protect, as a matter of fact, but demonstrates the catastrophic poverty level of Ukrainians.

Such a disappointing picture of reality was described by MP Roman Semenukha during his speech at the congress of the Samopomich Union in Kyiv.

“We need to realize that we cannot go on living in the Soviet paradigm, in which the state used to own all the means of production, ensured the social protection of people at a minimum level, but treated their needs as secondary. Otherwise, a person will remain a slave of the state. Unfortunately, neither officials nor oligarchs are interested in the emergence of an economically independent class in independent Ukraine. About a dozen of “main families” own all the means of production. Meanwhile, the subsistence minimum makes up as little as 1,700 hryvnias. Is it possible to survive with this money?” Roman Semenukha asks a non-rhetoric question.

The people’s deputy outlined the main directions of changes in the social policy offered by Samopomich. According to him, this is a change in the social contract and the introduction of collective participation in the implementation of social policy, a radical increase in the economic freedoms and opportunities of business and families.

“This can be achieved through the personification of responsibility, creation of a motivation system for the attraction of business to co-financing of the social policy, introduction of a pension saving system, creation of a comprehensive system of social insurance,” Roman Semenukha said.

No less important task in the context of the war with Russia is the creation of such a system of protection, in which every soldier would feel protection and respect both during the service and after the dismissal.

Who refuses to feed his army will feed the army of the invader – Roman Semenukha recalls the well-known expression and adds, “Not being slaves, but being a strong middle class is the way to establishing statehood. This is our goal.”

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