“The President’s governor delivered an ultimatum that the city must pay money to avoid further blockade” – Sadovyi

Today, during a briefing, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi commented on the statement of the Lviv region’s leadership about the delegation of the solid domestic waste management function in Lviv to the Lviv Regional State Administration, as well as the allocation of an annual subvention of 300 million hryvnias from the city budget.

“In ancient times, enemies would besiege our city leaving people without food, water, letting epidemics and diseases break out. Then the city had a choice: it could be either burnt down and destroyed, or could give money and pay off. But these were ancient times. In modern history, we have a unique example when the governor of the President delivers a proposal – an ultimatum – that the city must pay money in order to avoid further blockade, which can lead to great threats, epidemics and diseases.

This is not an ultimatum for Sadovyi – this is an ultimatum for the community of Lviv. I am convinced that in this situation we must accept this offer, we must pay money in order to be able to live and develop normally. After all, our task is to save people.

Today I talked with the leaders of the city council factions. We agreed that at the next plenary meeting on Thursday we will prepare appropriate decisions; the legal department has received the relevant instruction and we will vote at the session for the decision which the President’s governor demands from us. This is such a new stage in the history of our city,” said Andriy Sadovyi, the mayor of Lviv.

We shall recall that yesterday the head of the Lviv region issued a statement addressed to the mayor of Lviv with a demand to provide the solid domestic waste management function in Lviv to the Lviv Regional State Administration for the next two years and to allocate from the city budget of Lviv a subvention in the amount of 300 million hryvnias every year.

The fulfillment of these and other requirements is a guarantee of the removal of garbage from the city of Lviv to the landfills in the Lviv region. Another condition is to transfer to the interim management for the period of carrying out the waste disposal function “Lvivspetskomuntrans” communal enterprise to the Lviv Regional State Administration.

We shall recall that the situation with the removal and disposal of garbage in Lviv remains critical. More than 12 thousand tons of garbage remain in the city. As reported by the Housing Management department of the Lviv City Council, as of today morning, garbage has not been taken away from 510 container sites of the housing stock. This is 41% of the total amount.

Garbage has not been removed from 4 container sites of public health institutions and 5 sites of educational institutions. Wastes from 4 container sites of enterprises (supermarkets) have not been disposed of either.

The containers of Halytskyi district and container sites located in the markets have been completely cleared from rubbish.

In general, in Lviv there are 1,237 garbage containers of housing stock, 23 – of public health institutions, 116 – of educational institutions, 39 container sites of enterprises (supermarkets) and 43 sites located at the markets.


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