Giving the people of Balakliya their peace back is the top priority, – Roman Semenukha

The people of Balakliya are now living in an anxious state of expectation of yet another emergency. People are afraid that the last year’s events might repeat.

Today, on June 12, MP Roman Semenukha, during his visit to Balakliya, visited the military town and met with the local residents who were most affected during the explosions at the arsenal in 2017. Many houses have already had new windows installed, but people say this is not enough. The acutest problem so far is the sense of insecurity – among ordinary citizens, doctors and teachers.

“Giving the people of Balakliya their peace back is the top priority now. People will recover poise when they will be sure that the explosions will not happen again. The representatives of the Ministry of Defence must finally find out where the 150 million hryvnias allocated by the state for the liquidation of the consequences of the explosions went, and also make sure that there will be no repetition of the tragedy,” Roman Semenukha noted.

The MP underscored that the Samopomich faction would initiate the allocation of funds from the regional budget to compensate the lost property to the inhabitants of Balakliya – these are not only houses, but also garages, cars, cellars, etc. The deputy emphasized that people should protect their own rights. He advised the local residents who are dissatisfied with the quality of repairing of their buildings to collect appeals and file collective claims against state bodies to get compensation for the losses from explosions in the military arsenal.

The authorities must report whether the inhabitants of Balakliya can feel safe, because in the spring of 2018 the explosions repeated. In addition, this year 534 million hryvnias were allocated from the state budget for the utilization of the depots and arsenals of the Armed Forces.

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