Samopomich got 9% of votes in the United territorial community elections in Chernihiv region

According to a parallel vote count, the party ranked fourth during the first elections to a new Borzna UTC.

Samopomich’s election list consisted of 22 candidates headed by Oleksiy Khrystych, the head of the party’s local branch. Majority of the candidates are young professionals, entrepreneurs, and prominent activists in the community.

The headquarters assure that such a result was not easy. Opponents had been bribing voters en masse and distributing social benefits. Despite this, Samopomich will probably be the 4th in the race and will form a faction of three deputies. Now we are waiting for the official election results.

“This is the result of our work in the regions and of the Samopomich party as a whole. I am sure that Samopomich’s percentage in the parliamentary elections will be no smaller than in Borzna,” comments Oleksiy Khrystych.

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