Samopomich is going to undergo a complicated internal reorganization – Sadovyi

In the near future, some of the Samopomich deputies will leave the faction. This was announced by the leader of the party, the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, on his Facebook page.

According to him, the parliament is living out its last months, and politicians are deciding on “their future and potential new companions.”

In his Facebook post, Andriy Sadovyi did not mention the names of the parliamentarians who are going to leave the Samopomich Union faction, but thanked them for their work:

“No matter those who decide to leave Samopomich will do in the future and whatever their motives are, I want to thank them for their work. They did not sell out, did not betray their voters or their principles; they did their best, even though they were in a significant minority.”

The politician also added that Samopomich was going to undergo a complicated internal reorganization and reminded that the party would form a new composition of candidates for the next parliamentary elections on the basis of an “open lists” principle.

“Those who consider this activity really vital will go along with us,” said Sadovyi.

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