“We should be apprehensive of behind-the-scenes arrangements concerning Ukraine without the participation of Ukraine itself at the G20 summit” – Olena Sotnyk

Today, during the G20 summit in Hamburg, a meeting of the presidents of the United States and Russia is taking place. As noted by Samopomich MP Olena Sotnyk, during this meeting the issues of Syria and Ukraine will be discussed, and it is very important for the Ukrainian issue not to be sidetracked against the backdrop of the Syrian conflict.

“The US president so far has more priorities and interests in Syria, he is more concerned about this topic. It would work for the benefit of Ukraine if Donald Trump voiced to the president of Russia the messages that had been voiced by the Congress and the Republican Party concerning the Ukrainian issue, and which he had voiced personally during the meeting with President Poroshenko. I really hope that Trump’s position on the integrity of Ukraine will be staunch,” notes Olena Sotnyk.

However, according to the MP, the biggest risk for Ukraine is behind-the-scenes arrangements without the participation of Ukraine itself: “We should be apprehensive of the fact that in such a narrow circle we are in no way protected from behind-the-scenes arrangements of which we may know nothing at all.” After the scandal in the US, when intelligence agencies announced Russia’s interference in the electoral process, Donald Trump was under the scrutiny of not only politicians but of the entire public. Therefore, his public position looks very beneficial for Ukraine. However, no one can predict what his non-public position at this closed meeting will be, which is, unfortunately, a rather high risk for Ukraine.”

In addition, a tripartite meeting of the presidents of France, Russia, and the German Chancellor in the Norman format is planned for tomorrow in Hamburg. As stated by Olena Sotnyk, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron would insist that Minsk agreements should be implemented. And this is yet another manifestation of Ukraine’s weak position:

“In the course of tomorrow’s meeting there might be certain reproaches towards Ukraine, because the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions have not been legally recognized by Ukraine as occupied.” The discussion will be definitely about the Minsk agreements. Much to our regret, today the leaders of European countries are not ready to go on and recognize the fact that at this stage the Minsk agreements have exhausted themselves.

But I really hope that this meeting can become a harbinger of the expansion of the format, its renewal and even participation of the United States in this format,” concludes Olena Sotnyk.

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