Any Ukrainian city can be in Lviv’s place – Samopomich briefing

According to people’s deputies from the Samopomich Union faction, oligarchs, bandits and clinical liars in the Ukrainian government have made multimillion Lviv a hostage to their political score settling.

The lawmakers emphasize that such a policy might lead to terrible consequences, in particular, to outbreaks of infectious diseases in the city. “This can hugely affect children, in the first place,” says MP Iryna Sysoyenko. She is convinced, “No political manipulation and ambition justify posing such a serious threat to hundreds of thousands of children and the peaceful population of Lviv.”

MP Liubomyr Zubach adds that in order to override this terrible threat, a single phone call is enough. The politician explains, “The city of Lviv has turned to be in the blockade because there is just no place where to dispose of the garbage. This has been done purposefully for the city to drown in the garbage, and to have the city’s head, Andriy Sadovyi, together with the Samopomich party blamed. When the city managed to make agreements with other cities to take the garbage to their landfills, the central government gave an order to stop the movement of the garbage trucks from Lviv and to send them back to the city accompanied by the police, despite the availability of all the necessary documents. There are no other options where to take out the garbage. Today the following fact has been made public: during this year alone more than 400 letters from the authorities of Lviv have been sent to other cities with the request to help and accept garbage. There has been no answer! In private conversations the other cities’ representatives explain what they are told by the Presidential Administration:

“If you take garbage from Lviv, tomorrow you will have same problems yourselves.” Therefore, the Samopomich faction in the parliament is forced to take extraordinary measures: our faction chairman, Vice Speaker, and MP Taras Pastukh have launched a hunger strike. We demand to stop the garbage blockade of Lviv, to let the garbage from Lviv to be taken to other landfills in Ukraine. All this can be done by one phone call of the Prime Minister of Ukraine.”

Liubomyr Zubach adds, “When I hear from some colleagues from other factions that this problem is solely a problem of Lviv, I have an impression that they have come from other planet. After all, in accordance with the law, all lands outside settlements are under the authority of the executive power. Therefore, they have to unlock the landfills, offer a temporary site for taking garbage from Lviv until a new modern waste-processing complex is built.

By the way, the project of the latter is now being studied by the French team, and in the near future the project will be completed.”

Finally, the members of the faction remind once again: any city can be in Lviv’s place. “The problem that arose in Lviv is the problem of the entire country. In Ukraine, there is no government policy for handling solid domestic waste. All mayors are hostages today, and all people, just like Lviv citizens, can face such a problem at any moment,” concludes lawmaker Anna Romanova.

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