“It was Berkut that killed people at Maidan. It is the tax militia that is killing business now” – Andriy Zhurzhiy

Samopomich Union deputies did not allow amending the bill on taxation of inheritance, which aimed to illegally confer powers back to the tax militia.

According to Andriy Zhurzhiy, the amendments on recovery of the tax militia had no relation to the law on inheritance. First of all, after the first reading the bill did not contain the provisions on recovery of the tax militia. In addition, it was prepared for the second reading back in the spring 2016. And then, violating all the rules of procedure, MP Nina Yuzhanina introduced amendments regarding the tax militia and its activities in the occupied territories, in order to get support of the Opposition Bloc.

“Is that what people whose heroism at Maidan let you come to power are expecting from you? I don’t think so. We have no right to recover the activity of the tax militia. Moreover, the tax militia is a loss-making authority. Last year they seized 200 million hryvnias in cash. According to official statistics, the budget received 780, 000 hryvnias,” adds Andriy Zhurzhiy.

We shall recall that the tax militia was abolished by the Verkhovna Rada from 1 January 2017 during the voting for the state budget, and now the country needs to create a fundamentally new body, which will really fight against economic crimes, instead of exercising pressure onto business and covering corruption. Financial police can become such a body. A bill #4228 on establishment of the financial police has been already registered by Samopomich MPs back in March 2016.

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