American hospital will be built in the Kyiv region

American investors will build a modern hospital in the village of Khodosiyivka in Obukhiv district. This was reported by MP Iryna Sysoyenko.

“Due to the law “On state financial guarantees for the provision of medical care” – in the adoption of which Samopomich Union played an important role – the interest of foreign investors in the implementation of new projects in Ukraine has increased. Amendments in the legislation have become an impetus for investing in Ukrainian medicine. In the near future, a modern multi-specialty hospital that will meet world standards will be built in the Kyiv region at the expense of the US government. This is not just another “idea on paper” – works in this direction have already begun. Now resources from the regional and city budgets will not be spent on the construction of hospitals, repairs, purchase of equipment, but will be used to pay for medical services provided to citizens,” explained Iryna Sysoyenko.

The MP stresses that in the process of implementing medical reform, the issue of effective use of funds in the patients’ interests is the key one. Therefore, Ukrainians will be able to seek help from any medical institution, and the state will pay the cost of the services provided in accordance with the established tariffs (regardless of the form of ownership of the institution).

“The new hospital will provide treatment to both residents of the Kyiv region and to the patients from other regions. Emergency medical care will be provided there, a children’s resuscitation department and a traumatology department will be established, the newest strategies for the therapy of cardiovascular diseases will be used, etc. I believe that multi-specialty hospitals that meet the highest world standards will soon become a reality for our state,” Iryna Sysoyenko expressed her hope.

According to the people’s deputy, such projects have been successfully implemented at the expense of the US government in many countries of the world – Georgia, Slovakia, etc. “Its implementation in Ukraine does not only mean numerous benefits for patients, but also a motivation for doctors and nurses not to go abroad in search of decent salaries, but work here, at home. While we MPs are fighting with the government for the increase in doctors’ salaries, new medical institutions which decent salaries for the staff appear,” said Iryna Sysoyenko.

Iryna Sysoienko
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