Head of the Dnipro Samopomich attacked last night

Overnight into January 31, leader of the Samopomich Union faction in Dnipro city council, Artem Khmelnykov, was attacked. Offenders attacked Artem Khmelnykov at the entrance to his home.

According to Artem Khmelnykov, the attackers were not interested in his personal belongings. Therefore, it is likely that the attack was due to the political activity of the Dnipro Samopomich leader.

“Last night I was physical attacked. Three unknown persons were waiting at the entrance of my house. They weren’t interested in the valuable things I had, they only wanted to commit an assault. They didn’t even try to take away something valuable. I believe this attack is connected with my deputy and political activities. I didn’t have any other conflicts in recent years. This attack must be due to the position I uphold and promote,” said Artem Khmelnykov.

Presently, law enforcement are looking for the assaulters.

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