Samopomich deputy in the Kharkiv Regional Council, who exposed abuses, is being unlawfully pressurized

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region opened a criminal proceeding against the companies of a Samopomich deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Vitaliy Bushkovskyi.

According to the deputy, the investigation was launched at the direction of one of the top leaders of the Regional State Administration after the deputy had unveiled violations during the construction of Bohodukhiv waste recycling complex.

The charges are unfounded, and the actions of the State Fiscal Service are politically motivated.

Vitaliy Bushkovskyi is one of the members of the commission on adopting Bohodukhiv complex into the communal property of the community, and it was exactly due to his intervention that for the fourth time the commission refused to adopt the object constructed with serious violations.

When the facts of abuse were made public, inspections and searches began. The deputy believes their purpose is to exercise political pressure, involving the State Fiscal Service, onto him personally and the companies associated with him.

Thus, the deputy is preparing an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the head of the State Fiscal Service upon the political persecution and unjustified opening of criminal proceedings against him.

Vitaliy Bushkovskyi will also appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate the violations in the construction of Bohodukhiv complex for processing household waste, which were discovered during the commission’s work.

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