Attack on Samopomich office in Chernihiv

In Borzna in Chernihiv region, Samopomich office was crushed. At night, some unknown people broke the window and got into the local office of Samopomich. The attackers scattered documents, tore the flag of Samopomich and stole two laptops. According to the head of the Chernihiv regional office of Samopomich, Kostiantyn Smaliy, the attack is clearly connected with the elections. Indeed, on December 23, Borzna will be electing the chairman and deputies of the united territorial community.

“We are convinced that the attack was due to the elections. Competitors are looking for information, since these laptops had a lot of working data. That is, it is clearly not a robbery. For example, there are laminating machines in the office, which are more expensive than laptops, but nobody touched them. To be quite honest, we were ready for such a development. After all, in 2015, during the election campaign, our office in Nizhyn was burned down. Therefore, this means that we are strong competitors and we are on the right way,” said Kostiantyn Smaliy.

Now the police are working in the office. They are examining whether or not the documents were stolen.

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