“Peace will be elusive till there are people who make money from blood in Ukraine,” Semen Semenchenko

As noted by people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Semen Semenchenko, MPs would be keeping the watch at the posts where the veterans of ATO, the Armed Forces, and the National Guard are currently organizing a trade blockade with the occupied territories.

“They’re gathering on their own as citizens of Ukraine, they are making trains and trucks stop. We believe that MPs must be now in the east, in order to prevent reprisals against those who protected their homeland in battles, and are now protecting it being civilians. A great number of deputies have already agreed to be on watch: Yehor Soboliev, Taras Pastukh, Yaroslav Markevych, Tetiana Ostrikova, Pavlo Kostenko, Roman Semenukha, and colleagues from other factions. We want to make sure that during the next few months, at least every week when there are no sessions of the Verkhovna Rada, at least one deputy is always there and informs the people of Ukraine about the progress of the blockade. We will also fight in the parliamentary hall and together with the people. I believe that everybody needs to get involved because the war affects all of us, and we all want it to end,” says Semen Semenchenko.

The deputy reminds that on December 2, 2016 Sievierodonetsk court made public its decision on investigation of coal procurement by Ukrainian state-owned enterprises from the occupied territories of  Luhansk region, that is from the so-called LNR.

This decision contained conclusions of the Security Service stating that 47% of all the money sent by the Ukrainian state-owned companies to the territory of LNR was used to pay salaries to mercenaries, to purchase ammunition and uniforms. That is, each ton of raw material generated about 60 hryvnias spent on financing of terrorism.

“These are the official conclusions of the Security Service that are contained in the court’s decision! Today in the Parliament, I asked the government what the total amount of the budget funds of Ukraine was spent on financing the terrorism. The answer was – not a single hryvnia. I believe that the Prime Minister and the Vice Prime Minister have to tell this to our soldiers who see how their friends are dying every day, while, in addition to the above-mentioned trade, Ukrainian railways – the employees of which receive salaries from the state budget – transport Russian equipment and Russian missiles,” states Semen Semenchenko.

We shall add that a few days ago the Samopomich faction addressed the Security Service of Ukraine with a requirement to investigate the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which effectively legalizes trade with the occupied territories even more than before.

Also, according to the document, all the losses caused by the aggression of Russia, should be covered by Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens.

“Moreover, we will seek adoption of our draft law on the occupied territories, which bans trade with the so-called LNR and DNR. We will also require the Verkhovna Rada’s adoption of the decree on recognition of them as terrorist organizations. These laws have not been put to vote for more than 1.5 years though this violates all the laws of morality and jurisprudence,” concludes the deputy.

Semen Semenchenko
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