“We have gained experience, yet didn’t become part of a corrupt system” – Tetiana Ostrikova

One should vote not with emotions only. We must read the programs, look at what the party has done, and we must not forget about common sense – says MP Tetiana Ostrikova, a parliamentary candidate from the Samopomich party.

“There is a request for fresh faces now. When Samopomich entered the parliament in 2014, we were those “fresh faces” then. And then we were gaining experience. For example, it took me more than a year to figure out how the mechanism works, how decisions are made, how to promote own initiatives, and most importantly – what Ukraine needs right now. Therefore, I want to stress that we have gained experience, but we didn’t become part of a corrupt bureaucratic state system,” said the lawmaker.

According to her, in the next parliament, Samopomich will be the safeguard that will guarantee the preservation of the Euro-integration and Euro-Atlantic development for the country.

“If we see conspiracies with pro-Russian forces in the new parliament, we will not allow these scenarios to be implemented. Samopomich has already proved this with its work in the parliament – it was we who did not allow a special status for Donbas,” noted Tetiana Ostrikova.

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