Iryna Podoliak: We surrendered almost all ideologically important topics to some ranters

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In one of the interviews a Polish journalist Witold Szabłowski says that the problem of “Volyn” (not the movie) is that we have surrendered this topic to some ranters, and I cannot but agree with him.

However, we have surrendered to ranters not only the topic of Volyn, but almost all the topics that are ideologically important, because those who due to the play of chance – or due to the play of money – assumed the role of “political elite” strive for just one thing – to be a hit with the public for as long as possible at any price (the cheaper – the better, in fact), and that means adopting cheap – in every sense – and illegal decisions using the political expediency and the people’s love, which is – as the in-crowd  knows – strong but short-lasting.

Ultimately, all this looks like Place Pigalle until 1946, both from the side and from the inside; it was cheap and bright there too, but often resulted in poor health. For example, nobody likes the Inter channel, because it promotes “Russian world” ideology. That means there must be some new bill that will make it disappear. Or this one: we definitely need to put an end to the anti-state activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Patriarchate of Moscow. That once again means a bill to “prohibit the activities of the Patriarchate of Moscow in Ukraine”, and then let it be the will of God. Still another one: it is necessary by deed, not by word to stop the flows of Russian propaganda. Voilà is a bill aimed at banning the import of Russian literature of anti-state nature…

Most of these things can be done within the existing legal framework; there are laws and mechanisms that impose sanctions for the mentioned offenses, but there is an “unresolvable” problem: many will have to put themselves to some bother and work hard – especially the Security Service, the National Council, the Ministry of Interior, the Prosecutor’s Office, the National Security Council, the Government, mid-level officials, deputies, and then the courts. And it will be necessary to put oneself to some bother and work hard for a while in fact, as well as systematically and consistently.  This is a hard, thankless, troublesome intellectual work. No one really sees how much you do, no one really appreciates it. And wages are small and the temptation is great. Mostly such bills are outside the legal framework, and it’s such a shame and humiliation to analyze and oppose to the initiatives that are so ignorant!..

It is so tedious and tiring to convince even your colleagues that shallow streams make most din, that everyone will be given what they deserve… .but in a different world 🙂

Many of the problems mentioned and not mentioned above can be solved when the Law on the temporarily occupied territories is adopted.

The most important thing is that for Ukrainian politicians in the current environment of social psychological trauma it is deadly not to vote for such bills, because people will curse, because some daredevil’s bud of the political life will fade not even having a chance to thrive, and the daredevil will have to go back home being an “inglorious bastard” … and it’s scary?

Iryna Podoliak
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